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Writer's Room: Creative Writing Society

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The society will be once a week and we will meet for two hours where members can use this time to write, get feedback and read other people's work in a safe and comfortable environment! Not only this but an optional writing prompt will be given once a week on many different topics in order to get your creative juices following. Whether you take creative writing as a degree or just enjoy creating new and exciting pieces, everyone is welcome!

The society will also hold social events so everyone can have a well-deserved break! These events will be well advertised and be held once every 6/8 weeks. The types of events that will be held are themed nights out, meals outs, Christmas meals/ end of term meals, pub quizzes and coffee meetups. These social events are a great way to get to know each and have some time off. No dates have specifically confirmed yet, but there will be some in the near future. We are also looking into a sponsorship with Revolution which will allow members to receive a 50% off card!

At least once a year we will try to arrange a charity social event where all proceeds go towards a charity of the society’s choice.



Check back soon for more events!



Megan Binning
Safety Officer
Louise Fishwick
Holly Peters
Callum Gooch


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