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CoppaFeel! is run by young people, for young people with the mission of getting every young person in the United Kingdom checking their breasts regularly in order to stamp out late detection and mis-diagnosis of breast cancer. They have three key messages:

  1. To ‘check your boobs’ – you won’t know what’s normal for you until you check your boobs regularly and make coppin’ a feel a habit of a lifetime.
  2. To know and be aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.
  3. If you think something is wrong, get it checked out; if you detect any changes, don’t put it off, have the confidence to seek medical referral. If the doctor is dismissive and doesn’t put your mind at ease, demand further tests for a second opinion.

CoppaFeel! is unique amongst Breast Cancer Charities; they are encouraging a habit of a lifetime from a young age through engaging with target audiences (18-30 years of age) in new and innovative ways. They talk about boobs openly and honestly, removing the ‘scare’ factor surrounding the disease, whilst eradicating the taboos and common misconceptions around checking breasts.

The Uni Boob Team is a collective of student volunteers who act on behalf of CoppaFeel! on campus’ over the United Kingdom to spread their important message. Our role is to remind YOU to check your boobs. Why? Because early detection is key in treating breast cancer, so the sooner you get to know your boobs the sooner you will detect any changes. We spread awareness by hijacking events with our infamous boob costume, whilst promoting CoppaFeel!’s SMS reminder service; a free monthly text reminder to check your boobs. Being part of the Uni Boob Team will give you experience in events management and fundraising; we attend fresher’s fairs as well as other events around campus, establish PR in university press, create informative student TV adverts and organise fundraising events throughout the academic year.


There will be various fundraising and awareness events organised through out the year, run by the Uni Boob Team and linked with other societies.

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