The Coffeehouse Club


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Overview of Society - We are an Academic Discussion Group, based on the coffeehouses of the 18th Century where people would meet to discuss recent news and interesting topics. We talk about a range of topics over a coffee or a pint, including current aspects of the English Literature course, recent events and controversial topics. We encourage reading outside of the set texts, and try to apply critical and theoretical approaches to literature. We help to peer assess creative work, and run study groups on useful topics around submission deadlines. We also run academic content creation, such as guides to critical theories. Anyone with an interest in literature is welcome.

Socials and Event meetings  - We meet every Wednesday at 14.30-15.30 on the top floor of Roundabout. We do socials once every other week, some drinking and some non-drinking.

Social Media -

Blog - We post creative work on our blog from members for peer feedback and help -

A clip on the coffeehouses of the 18th Century, within Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey Episode 3 - - watch from 15.00 to 15.50.