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A Cappella is a family connected by music. We are a warm and welcoming society who encourage our members to mix and make friends. Whether you’re a trained singer or someone who just likes to sing in the shower we invite you to join our family! There are no auditions, just come along for a free taster session; whether you join in September or April the first four sessions are always a free taster, no membership required!


Our Sessions:

We have a rehearsal session every Thursday from 6.30 pm until 9.00 pm in Rolle 018.

  • Our sessions start with a warm welcome from our Chair.
  • The Musical Director or the Assistant Musical Directors lead the warm up and teach the arrangements. However, any member can come up with a musical arrangement, either alone or with the assistance of the MD or AMDs and then teach it to the society.
  • We have two 50-minute periods of learning the arrangements, in between which we have a 15 to 20-minute jam session.
  • We will also have a monthly meeting with the whole society where we can vote on decisions and any member can bring a point into discussion.

Events and Performances:

  • We aim to have at least 3 to 6 performances this year. It is not mandatory that you attend the performances, it is completely your choice. Soloists are chosen, auditioned or you can volunteer yourself.
  • We often have some of our members perform at ‘Jam House’ in the SU, either in groups, bands or alone.
  • If you wanted to perform there but are nervous you can ask one or more of the members to join you.

Community and Socials:

  • This year the committee has decided we would like to help some of the more nervous students out by offering to have a one to one sit down with you where we can talk about anything you like; moving away from home, finding friends, learning how to be constructive and organised with your course. We are here to help!
  • This year we are sponsored by James Street Vaults (JSV) and The Roundabout.
  • We often go to JSV after our sessions for an informal social where we have some drinks deals:
    • House single with mixer: £2.00
    • House double with mixer: £2.50
    • VK: £1.50
  • Most of our official socials will be held at Roundabout, such as our Christmas Party and End of Year Prom. We also get deals from Roundabout:
    • Bacon butty: £1.50
    • Chip butty: £1.50
    • Small nachos: £1.75
    • Cheesy garlic bread: £1.75
    • Sausage sandwich: £2.00
    • Burger and chips: £2.50
    • Spicy bean burger and chips: £2.50
    • Chilli and rice: £3.00
    • Mac n cheese and salad: £3.00
    • Carling per pint: £2.50
    • Magners per pint: £2.50
    • Pitcher of sex on the beach: 2 for 1
    • Pitcher of woo woo: 2 for 1

These deals can only be redeemed with the A Cappella More card and are subject to change.


  • Your first 4 sessions are free, after which you will be subject to a membership fee of £5 for the whole year.
  • Paid members get a membership card which when shown at James Street Vaults (JSV) entitles you to the drinks deals.

We look forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you to our musical family. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, just email at:



Check back soon for more events!


Joe Smith
Safety Officer
Bethany Pottinger
Jessica Soddy
Annariina Lahtinen

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