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We are Plymouth 3D Design Society or UP3D. Our club specialises in celebrating the world of 3D design: from bespoke furniture, to multi-million pound commercial products and also including interiors and spacial design; we like it all. We are a new society.


We would like to have frequent socials whilst trying to remain different in theme or style to the previous event we had.


We will be inviting guest speakers and lecturers to talk on subjects, posibble trips to galleries, art shows etc

Funding raising and Volunteering;
We will have several fundraisers throughout the year and up coming term. Most will involve creation of objects and products that could be sold, sponsored 3D tasks.
Anyone who is a member can volunteer to help the society through the object making, handing out flyers for events. We are keen to take part in several charity events.





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01752 588513

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Opening Hours

  • Mon - Fri: 9am - 4:30pm
  • Sat - Sun: closed
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