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We are a dynamic, multi-ethnic and culturally vibrant group of Christian students.  We encourage, support and help to build members who are interested in developing their knowledge of God and the Bible. We also help to create an environment which encourages spiritual growth in social and academic settings. Our memberships are usually Christian students, however, we are open to all who want to experience spontaneous practices in the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. 


This year, we plan to visit the Eden Project and host a musical convention service before the Easter break and enjoy many fun trips out throughout the year! We also have monthly sporting activities that encourages the competitor in you! Interactive games during our weekly meetings and social dinners are all parts of our events.


We meet every Saturday from 17.00 – 18.00 at the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy of the University.

During Freshers’ Week, we organise numerous events such as games nights, concerts and Welcoming/ Graduation Party for graduating students and a welcome treat for new students. We also organise an End of the Year Dinner party at the Chaplaincy usually before the Christmas, Christmas Carol with our affiliate Church – The Overcomers Christian Fellowship Int’l, Plymouth and a Christmas Lunch Party on every Christmas day. 

Fundraising and Volunteering

We donate food items to Shekinah Mission every Boxing Day as part of our Fund Raising Activity with our affiliated Church and hope to raise funds to Support Children in Africa during our yearly Musical Concert in Every Fresher’s Week. 

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