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Welcome to the new academic year, 2021/22

We are very excited about the year ahead and look forward to welcoming you to the Physio Society.

We have 3 clear and simple aims this year:

  • To integrate all our year groups (BSc and MSc) through regular activities, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. 

  • Create an environment that promotes knowledge sharing. 

  • Encourage student ownership of our physio society including committee and members. 


So how will we do this and what are the benefits of you joining the Physio Society?

  • You are joining a fantastic community as a Physiotherapist and your Physio society is a great way to start making friends and professional connections right away.  You never know, that 3rd year student you played dodgeball with may be working with you as a clinical educator in your 3rd year placement! You don't need to wait until your first job to start making your professional contacts when you have a university 

  • We will organise regular events throughout the year. Some will be social, some sporting or active, others will provide you with a chance to develop your Physio knowledge and to network professionally at training events or with guest speaker events. 

  • Your Physio society year reps will keep you updated in all opportunities, let you know what amazing discounts wehave for you and be your point of call for all things Physio Society. So if you have an idea, let them know!

  • We want your involvement! Getting involved in the Physio society is a great opportunity to meet new people, get experience and will look favourably on your CV. You might want to help organise and run events, fundraising or activities. Maybe you want to join the committee, take part in races as a representative of the Physio Society or you have an idea that you think would be fab for the society. 

  • NEW Practical Physio Society Kit! We are very excited about this! As a prctical course clothing matters, we have sourced an excellent local clothing supplier, have a shiney new logo and have a great selection of clothing that will be perfect for your practical sessions, in and around university plus for your placements too! What's more, members will get this kit ata  discounted rate!

  • Members will also get discounts on training and events that we organise for the society! We have successfully delivers Sports massage training courses, conferences and talks for our members free of charge or with discounts!



We INVITE our year 1 and Masters students to join the committee as a year rep. Please email if you would like to apply for a position on the committee and help us to achieve our Scoeity goals this year. 


This year the committee has decided that our chairty will be The Royal British Legion (RBL). Many members of our course have either served or known someone that has served, therefore we want to help them. As we live in the Southwest we do have many military bases around us, and not only that but the regional office for the RBL in the city centre. As we all know this last summer has been very hard for those vetrans of the Afghan war, many having to relive daily memories and potentially hvaing their PTSD come back after many years. We want to raise money for this charity to better aid in there help towards those currently serving, and those past and future servicemen and women.  

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Check back soon for more events!



Suzanne Hubble
Safety Officer
David Mbinga
Megan Cole
Rebecca Hamilton


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