Participants needed for a neuroscience study

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Participants needed for a neuroscience study We are looking for healthy volunteers between 21 and 60 years old for our research study "Dissociation between private and social counterfactual brain value signals". Our study involves a brain stimulation technique called TUS, MRI scans, and a decision-making task. In this study, we want to investigate how changing the activity of certain brain regions with TUS can change the way people make decisions in a social context. The study involves attending 3 sessions at the Brain Research & Imaging Centre (Derriford, post code: PL6 8BU). The 1st session takes 30 mins, and the subsequent two sessions take about 2h each. The two longer sessions must be at least one week apart and all sessions can take place mainly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or during the week-ends. Please find the Participant Information Sheet here:

More information about the MRI procedure can be found here:

Password: BRICSCstudy2023


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