Joyita Ashton-Simon

Womens Officer


‘Collaboration to proactively create change’

I am a second year BSc (Hons) Psychology student who is passionate about improving the experiences of women within Plymouth University. My Mission is to collaboratively work with women and leaders across all domains within the university to create an environment where women are supported, celebrated and given equal opportunities. Prior to attending Plymouth University, I worked as a Chartered Banker. My motivation comes from the challenges I faced working in the male dominated profession of chartered banking. The wisdom passed to me from my second mum, who I lost to cancer a year ago is a constant reminder that “we are women before anything else” and that we have a duty to help other women to achieve their goals.

University experiences
- Course Representative and Student Ambassador

My commitment
I promise to be transparent, empowering and dedicated to the role. I will work hard to achieve the goals we agree.

What I hope to achieve
Short term

  • To create a space for open discussion with an inclusive atmosphere- discussion panels, forums, surveys and empowerment workshops. I am currently working on a survey to inquire on what matters to you most.
  • To celebrate achievements – plan events to celebrate each other and work with the different elected representatives, clubs and societies to ensure achievements of members are recognised.
  • To reduce mental / sexual health stigmas – liaise with Student Services and to support the relevant sabbatical officer in reaching relevant external bodies.

Long term

  • The ultimate goal is not solely to uplift ourselves but to support other women in need of our help and guidance and to be a positive role model for future generations of women. Through our joint efforts Plymouth University will be recognised as a leader in women’s advocacy, strength and empowerment.

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