Jessica Andrews Smith

Womens Officer


Studying in a STEM discipline I frequently recognise that women are often underrepresented and how demoralising/ discouraging this can feel. I want to help female students and those that identify as female or non-binary feel like they’re supported and can thrive in there respective fields.

In the role of Women’s Officer:

  • I will endeavour to organise career training and networking events for Women in STEM and subjects of which underrepresentation is prevalent
    • Taking advantage of platforms such as Zoom to facilitate engagement.
    • Organise external speakers to engage with students.
  • I will lobby the University to organise an annual Women in STEM event in conjunction with international women’s day
    • Seeking support from female academics to celebrate successful women in academia.
  • I will campaign the UPSU to improve the visibility of services for women with more prominent website placement and frequent support emails 
    • Improve visibility for Women’s Aid.
    • Improve visibility for access to Women’s refuge services.
    • Improve visibility of services promoting safety such as university approved taxi companies and self defence services

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to contact me.

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