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Verity Lemm

VP Activities



Sustainability: Promote environmental sustainability, embed environmental action points into icons (student group recognition scheme) to reward student groups for their efforts. Work with student groups to help them become more financially sustainable moving forward. Ensuring long term sustainability of student groups by helping them target all student demographics, this will help with inclusivity and diversity. 

Mental well-being and support: Continue to develop mental health support within student groups. Introduce well-being advocates into societies and volunteering groups and continue to enhance within sports clubs. Make sure the mental well-being related courses are readily available by demonstrating their importance to the University.

Appropriate facilities and funding: Continue to lobby the University into providing appropriate room space and facilities for all students, so they can achieve the most out of their extra-curricular activities. Support student groups with sponsorships and partnerships to help with long term financial sustainability. Follow through the newly passed sports strategy to ensure the University is working towards developing sports at UoP.  

Recognition and Celebration: Continue to build on #TeamPlymouth by using this platform to celebrate all student groups. Continue to spotlight student groups monthly for outstanding achievements.  Evaluate the icons scheme (student group recognition), based on student feedback and current student trends.  


The Role

  • Represent UoP students and work to improve areas relating to student Societies, Sports Clubs, Volunteering, Social Sport Initiatives, and Fundraising
  • Chair both the Sports Club and the Societies Forum, collating items for discussion and formulating the agenda
  • Encourage students to engage with UPSU student groups and initiatives by promoting them within UPSU, the University and locally
  • Support the development of community partnerships and championing what our students do
  • Develop the strategic direction of the UPSU by sitting on the Board of Trustees and relevant Sub-Committees

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