Emma Collins

Nursing and Midwifery


I am a first-year child health nursing student, as well as a course representative for my cohort. My journey into nursing is not the usual route, but one that has been beneficial and would greatly aid me in the role of School representative. I have the unique view of being both a university student and a teacher, and I understand that various types of teaching and learning, builds an inclusive learning environment that that would benefit all students holistically. The role of school representative interests me because I believe that students should be represented to allow for a collaborative relationship between themselves and the university staff. Students need to have a voice, and someone to stand up and be able to raise the issues that are important to them, but also to have the opportunity to see that their problems are being worked on and resolved. My experience as a teacher aids me in effective communication with both students and staff and allows me to discuss student concerns in a professional manner confidently. As a school representative I will:

  • Endeavour to create more effective communication between students and the university, through the use of anonymous feedback, school forums and improved response to emails.
  • Represent all students from the nursing and midwifery school and work towards their best interests, through hosting drop-in sessions for feedback and creating a school Facebook group.
  • Improve the use of peer assisted learning sessions, with planned sessions to ease the transition for students struggling with university life.

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