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Lucy Allen

Nursing and Midwifery

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Hi, I'm Lucy the School Rep for SNaM this year. 


I've been presenting SNaM at various meetings so far this term at School (SNAM) and Faculty (Faculty of Health) level.


We've had discussions about the things that I've heard from you that you care about: Nursing undergrade is working a new communication system to reduce the quantity of emails, the Postgraduate degrees are working on a way for students studying a module at a time to access learning support, amongst many other things. 


My big project at the moment, and it is a mammoth one, is engaging the university in student voice. At the moment the university has not engaged in providing a list of student reps on many of the courses. 


Clearly, where the university aren't communicating who the fantastic volunteers are who are talking to students on the ground, not only are they not being appreciated appropriately, but students also cannot search for them and nor can I. 


This creates a massive gap in the feedback loop - we know that where the university aren't engaged with their student reps it is unlikely, they know I exist, and their voices aren't being heard by faculty and higher.


So, here's my big ask - if you're a student rep on a SNaM course and you haven't had an email from me - please get in touch with me at

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