Emily Schenk

Peninsula Medical School


My name is Emily Schenk and I am a first year medical student and the UPSU Representative for the Peninsula Medical School.

I was interested in this role because I believe effective communication between students and staff is crucial. I feel strongly that students should be able to articulate when they have concerns relating to their academic life.  It is empowering for students to be involved in key decisions. I would love to listen, collate information and communicate this to help orchestrate positive changes for both students, staff and the university. 

The delivery of the course has changed significantly due to the COVID pandemic. More than ever, students need to be able to voice their opinions about the quality of lectures, other learning resources, placements and clinical skills. I would embolden students to use the app to provide constructive feedback which might influence important developments.

There are three key things I will do as school representative:

 1.I will be a friendly ambassador for all medical students.

 2.I will listen to my colleagues and communicate their ideas and feedback on their behalf at meetings such as their desire for the inclusion of BAME representation in clinical teaching. 

 3.I will strengthen the already robust relationship between students and faculty through positive, respectful interactions.

I am a sociable, outgoing and caring person who is good at listening and communicating. I am a highly organised individual with valuable experience.  I have been Ladies Captain for the Plymouth University Yacht Club and last year I was a student representative for BSc(Hons) Human Biosciences at Plymouth University and was a course representative throughout my degree.  I am very much aware of the requirements, have the appropriate skills and look forward to representing my peers.

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