Martin Nicholls

Mature Students Officer


Mature students are year on year increasing in number, therefore are making up a much larger proportion of the student demographic. This being said mature students continue to be one of the most under represented groups on campus.Over 42% of students any Plymouth University are over the age of 21 yet have one of the lowest retention rates of any group. Over 99% of all Part-Time students are Mature students.

Action Points:

I will work with all academic departments and support functions, such as Finance, Careers and the SU to deliver clearer communication tailored to mature and part time students.

I will actively seek greater inclusion and participation of Part Time and Mature students in all aspects of academic and social student life, by working to ensure that activities such as social events are inclusive of Part Time and Mature Students and their interests.

Understand that Mature students can sometimes have child caring responsibilities which, in turn, limit their ability to fully engage with student life. I will work with the SU to encourage clubs and societies to be aware of the issues such students face and encourage working with them to ensure they can participate.

I will work with the university to ensure Mature students are signposted effectively to facilities already available to them. Mature students often commute into university so can’t just pop back to halls between lectures. Ensuring they feel welcomed and relaxed when on campus can progress positive mental changes and hopefully increase retention.

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