Samuel Pritchard

LGBT+ Officer


Hello, I am Samuel Pritchard and I believe in the grand importance of preserving and improving the security for our LGBTQ+ students here at Plymouth University.

I want to educate students about the importance of rights of the LGBTQ+ community and improve them here at the University. We can accomplish this by pushing forward more open talks with the University by inviting monumental individuals in the LGBTQ+ community to come speak to students and staff.

I want to work closely with the Student Union and the LBGTQ+ society events (such as a streamed drag show for viewers at home). I think it is only natural that as LGBTQ+ officer that I push for the fundamental right of a gender-neutral toilet facilities located across campus through petitions and lobbying. It is important to implement this because many students and staff, transitioned or transitioning, can feel comfortable on campus site and hopefully decreases discrimination in toilet facilities

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