Jessica Ubani

Law, Criminology & Government


Hello, my name is Jessica Ubani and I am in my 2nd year studying Bsc Politics and International Relations and I am a course rep. I would like to start by stating that it is a thing of pleasure as a course rep to be able to take a step further in representing my fellow students at a higher level by being the school rep. I stood for the role of Law, Criminology and Government School Rep for some vital reasons:

  • In my first half as a course rep, I realised that while some students may have known about the role of course reps, a larger amount were not aware and did not know the students representing them thus making it hard for them to voice out complaints, I would therefore endeavour to ensure there is a better creation of awareness concerning the roles of Course and school rep and further ensure the complains of students are handed over to the appropriate authorities and responded to effectively.
  • I have noticed a considerable drop in the number of students that attend lectures and would therefore with the aid of student feedback endeavour to note the things that may be lacking or need improvement in lectures and provide them, for students to not feel the need to miss out on lectures.
  • As an international student, I believe in the educating of students outside their culture and economy and would therefore seek to initiate a cultural day with the assistance of the appropriate authorities where the different cultures and ethnic backgrounds are show-cased and different political questions and debates are raised with the sole purpose of enlightening the students.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, please feel free to contact me.

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