India Ellis

Law, Criminology & Government


Hello, I am India, and I’m about to enter my second year studying Law LLB. I’m incredibly hardworking, persistent, and approachable, and as the person that phones, emails, and sits in to represent your views and interests, I hope to come through for you all and create positive change. I stood for the role of Law, Criminology, and Government School Rep for the following reasons:

  • I believe that hearing all the voices is massively important. I'm aware that many people do not feel comfortable coming forward to their course rep, so I would work to create an anonymous feedback/suggestions box so people could express their thoughts without the anxiety of having to email someone directly. The feedback box will be available on the DLE, so it is easily accessible. I would create a survey to be sent out to gather feedback on the courses; I would then use all this information to push for change to make the courses even better for the students. 
  • I would work with career services to try and create more opportunities as it is often light on placements and volunteering roles for our faculties. To provide this, I would work with career services and reach out to councils, firms, and businesses in Plymouth and the South West. Employment opportunities have significantly decreased due to the pandemic, so I believe giving students extra support is needed via career services and their faculty. 
  • I would like to start an inspirational person of the month post on social media, focusing around BAME inspirational people in Law, Criminology, and Government. This would be a short social media piece that would explain the amazing things this person has done in their life to make them an inspirational person. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. 

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