Oluwatimilehin Ajibode (Timmy)

International Students Officer


I’m Ajibode Oluwatimilehin (Timmy) and I am your International student Officer at Plymouth University. Having experienced the highs and lows of vying to get an education abroad, and successfully doing so for the past 7 years in the UK. I have fundamental experiences, and I also extremely understand living and studying in a country that isn’t yours. However, the cultural diversity, ethical values to which this country is built upon is also beautiful to witness and understand, I hope to propagate this feeling to international students with the following aims.

I will endeavour to bridge the gap of relaying information between international students and the SU, by meeting with International Students regularly regarding the issues that they are facing. I will try to advertise the Global Buddies system more around the university,as this could be a very vital tool for transitioning international students by introducing them to core British values & ethics,simultaneously giving great opportunities to other individuals involved. I will try to campaign for more scholarship opportunities for Penisula Medical and Dental School,School of Art,Design and Architecture,School of Biomedical and Health Sciences. I will lobby the University to provide more specialist Careers and Employability guidance on placement and post graduate opportunities for international students, including asking the University to host a Careers and Employability fair for this purpose. I think these aims will help at fostering the growth of international students at the University, I am passionate about these ideas coming to fruition and with your help, I know that I can improve it and make our voices heard. Please feel free to contact me at @timmyacy on Instagram.

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