Jean Michel Evelyn (Gem)

International Students Officer


Hey I’m Gem, I’m in my second year studying Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology. I’m currently treasurer for Volleyball and participated in five societies last year, allowing me to interact with many international and domestic students. This has motivated me to run for this role and be a support tool and motivator for change.

  • Encourage Inclusivity and Representation – I want to encourage interactions between international and domestic students. I’d also like to encourage interactions between international students from different places. I will seek to express different viewpoints as a proxy to understanding the international community here at the University of Plymouth.
    • Diversifying Societies and Clubs - I will seek to increase international student representation throughout societies and clubs. This will be done by giving Clubs and Societies more awareness to the level of diversity in their respective groups.
  • Enhancing support structures - I’d like to get more university support for international students who are impacted heavily during the current Covid-19 pandemic. I want to increase the level of outreach to international students to achieve this.
  • Friendly Atmosphere - I aim to improve the sustainability of the environmental, economic, and social conditions for international students at the university.

By championing these policies, we can strive for a more cohesive community at the University of Plymouth, for both international and domestic students. You can contact me through the UPSU website for any questions and or just to talk.

Don’t Die, Enjoy Life, Gem

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