Simrandeep Kaur

Health Professions


Hi, my name is Simrandeep Kaur and I am the School of health professions representative.  As a second Year Optometry Student, I am passionate about students being provided with the resources, guidance, and expertise to excel on their course, hence why I believe I am the ideal representative.

My experience and skills:

I am an approachable and trustworthy individual who fulfils all obligations and promises to the best of my ability. These skills were developed through my active roles in student council and volunteering.

Likewise, first year of university gave me the valuable opportunity of networking with my peers and lecturers, enhancing my communication and interpersonal skills. The lack of first-hand teaching this year makes it even more valuable to have a structured system of feedback between students and lecturers.

Furthermore, all health professional students have been negatively impacted by COVID; a large proportion of health professional students rely upon practical sessions to refine communication skills for patient interaction or clinical techniques. Due to social distancing restrictions, the extra practice sessions for the practical element have been postponed until further notice. I believe an alternative method of learning needs to be implemented so grades are not negatively impacted.

What I plan to do:

- I will try to find a safe way for students to practice clinical techniques and communication (even if this is via zoom).

- I will arrange several feedback sessions, which will be acted upon, and students will be accordingly updated with the relevant information from these sessions.

- Discuss the possibilities of a safety net for this academic year.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. I hope you believe in my views for the future

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