Paris (Zixuan) Song

Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences


Hi, I am Paris, and I am the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science School Rep. The main motivation that drives me to challenge myself for this position is the boundaries between courses, studies and faculties. Many times that I and my classmates try to discover our interests and potentials in other field of studies from university, we were turned down by the answer ‘Sorry.’ There is no reason that we should not strive beyond the set work and reach out for more. And our passion to knowledge and new skills is worth encouraging and supporting. The platform for more opportunities for students to easily discover their potential, and the collaboration between studies should be provided.

I have some relevant experience to support this job. As a previous intern journalist, I like to discover the dissatisfaction and listen to people patiently. I have also developed communication skills through conducting interviews and negotiating with interviewees. I was also the founder and president of the English Society in high school. I built a team that we ran events together, held bimonthly meeting for activities innovation and feedback from the work.

I would make the most effort to:

  • Hold events titled ‘Surprise’ for students in the school to tell or demonstrate their discoveries of geographic uniqueness through their traveling, international students’ environment where they grow up. Everyone can be David Attenborough this way!
  • Work with school staff and advocate for organizing ‘Open audit seats’ for students from other courses to attend lectures or experiments.
  • Work closely with other school reps to seek more collaborations. E.g, graphic design 101 for non-designer; cross-subject study buddy. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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