Izzy Haines

Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences


My name is Izzy Haines and I am currently studying Environmental Science. I see myself as a friendly, determined and confident student with exceptional communication skills. I would love to represent the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science and provide a forum for students and staff to communicate.

I am passionate about being an approachable person for the variety of different people within our school. Unfortunately, the representative last year was not made known to me. This is why I am so eager to get involved, to reassure the apprehensive, listen to the encouraged and convey for the creative.

 As your School Representative I will:

  • Encourage the course communities to stay vibrant in this uncertain time. Despite lectures being online Students should remain passionate and engaged in their course.
  • Send out simple anonymous surveys to school members via email or social media to gage what areas of our courses are doing well and which areas need further improvement.
  • Endeavour to hold zoom calls where those that prefer visual contact can enter to discuss any problems they are facing or suggestions they may have.
  • Increase awareness and engagement of societies that stimulate advanced learning in our chosen fields.
  • Where possible, try to hold face to face sessions with students and represent them on individual issues that have not yet been discussed by previous representatives.
  • Feedback your suggestions to our Faculty lead and VP Education to promote change or adjust current techniques within our Faculty or University.

Thank you for reading my manifesto,  please feel free to contact me with any questions


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