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Beverly Yeboah

Faith & Belief Officer

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My name is Beverly Fosua Yeboah and I am running for the position as part time Faith and Belief officer. If elected I aim to drive positive change no matter how little for my fellow students through this campaign by consistently engaging with the student body, gather my fellow students ideas and experiences in the area of faith and belief.    

My own personal experiences has shaped me to become an individual that is majorly tenacious, dedicated, and empathetic amongst the many other skills I have developed. I have found a firm foundation in my faith and belief in God that is shaping me to greater greatness and I yearn to see others experience this joy. I believe these make me an ideal candidate for this role.
If elected my priorities would be;

•    To make positive change I would encourage hold drop in sessions at least twice a semester in the student union (SU) to meet with the students to have conversations in regards to their experiences, ideas to give them a sense of belonging and engage.
•    To interact with societies and other SU bodies, to facilitate sessions where students are willing to sit with each other, gather and share their faith and beliefs with each other, to facilitate inclusion. This will encourage a positive change that can be made in the lives of all students who may engage, irrespective of difference in background or identity. Hence giving them a safe space, a sense of community, promoting their mental health & wellbeing, and encouraging student involvement in decision-making.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas by contacting me at


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