Alex Butters

Faith & Belief Officer


 I will;

Work with societies to host taster sessions / forums to give people the chance to explore a faith.-  Having a faith or belief is a precious element of life that often needs to be protected. The lack of understanding about difference faiths and the stigmas that come with them can lead to people hiding away from or avoiding the topic. I only converted to catholicism in my first year of university because someone took the time to inform me about what it stood for and to answer my questions.

It is because of this that as the PTO for faith and belief I will work with faith societies to encourage inter society events aimed at giving students a taste or understanding of life in that culture. This could help students find their path in life and also make like-minded friends they would never have met otherwise.

Work with other elected members to promote the speak up reporting tool for people subject to racist abusive due to their religion.- There are people who use one’s faith as a weapon against them in the form of racism and abuse. This kind of response prevents people from having the confidence to embrace their faith and who they really are at a critical moment in their lives. To counter this I will work with other elected officers to better promote the speak up reporting tool. The tool covers ‘hate incidents ‘ but many students don’t know about the tool or what it entails. Improving awareness and understanding on the tool and understanding of what is a hate incident  will encourage people to come forward when they are abused.

Hold a forum to debate what the SU could do to better cater for people’s beliefs.

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