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Sam Fortmann

Engineering, Computing, & Mathematics

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Hey everyone! I'm Sam, your SECaM Representative, and I'm thrilled to be your go-to person for enhancing communication and teamwork within our fantastic School of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics.

Picture Perfect: Catch me with a smile, as I'm on a mission to bring a positive change to our school. As a stage 5 Marine Technology student, I'm all about making the most of our academic journey while fostering a welcoming atmosphere.

Experience Matters: With a history of diving into clubs, societies, and a two-year stint as a course rep, I know the SECaM vibe inside out. Our school is a hub of innovation, but sometimes, the buzz of ideas needs a clearer channel.

 Let's Talk, Let's Achieve: Communication is the key to unlocking success, and I'm here to empower it. My goal? Streamlining information flow, pinpointing crucial discussions, and ensuring your voices don't get lost in the shuffle.

 United Towards Progress: SECaM's diversity is our strength, and I'm committed to uniting us. By encouraging targeted conversations and creating a platform for collaboration, I aim to foster a community where everyone's growth matters.

Navigate the Change: Beyond the pandemic, let's move from information overload to purposeful dialogues. My priority is quality over quantity, so together, we'll create an environment where meaningful sharing and learning take the spotlight.

Reach Out: Have ideas or questions? Drop me a line at I'm here to amplify your voice, promote engagement, and ensure our SECaM experience is unforgettable.

Let's make SECaM an even better place to learn and connect. Join me and our amazing course reps, and let's make a splash together! ????



SECaM School Rep Update

Thu 07 Dec 2023
There are currently no upcoming events.
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