Jack Pellowe

Plymouth Institute of Education


Hello, my name is Jack, and I am in my second year on the BEd Primary programme. As someone on an education course, I am passionate about helping anybody in need; whatever their background. I see myself as an approachable, friendly and determined student; I would love to build upon my previous experience as course representative, to provide a forum for students and staff to communicate proactively.

As School Representative, I will endeavour to:

  • Gather feedback from school members, through simple and anonymous surveys, to determine what courses are doing well and what requires improvement.
  • Encourage a positive outlook – despite learning online, members of our school should remain passionate and engaged in their courses. It will be my role to proactively model this behaviour.
  • Be transparent – throughout all of my meetings, I will ensure that I document all concerns – from the initial report, to the proposed solution. All members of the school will be able to access this; making it visible that concerns have been addressed, and what action will be taken. I will also encourage transparency from members of staff when communicating decisions that have been made surrounding our courses – allowing for a level of accountability for both myself, and the school as a whole.
  • Work with societies, especially EdSoc, to provide more students with opportunities they may not get from their degree. 
  • Maintain regular contact with Course Representatives, encouraging them to contact me as-and-when issues arise. I will hold similar meetings with individual students, whose concerns may have ‘slipped through the net’.
  • Feedback any suggestions to higher authorities, to promote meaningful change – this will ensure that students’ time at university is worthwhile and valuable.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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