Jenna Johnson

Plymouth Institute of Education



Hi, my name is Jenna Johnson, I am the School Rep for the Institute of Education, I am passionate about advocating for; equal and effective education, support throughout to maintain wellbeing and most importantly a voice for students.

I have experience within education due to my employment at ACE PRU as an SEN Administrator. I am also Core HR Champion, responsible for co-ordinating between employees and the external HR/IT Team.

I have developed as an individual and am able to; professionally articulate my own and others voice, consider realistic resolutions or whether they are even realistic, if the latter a flexibility of thought to consider alternatives, patience with individuals and consideration for additional needs. I believe this would make me an ideal candidate to support and advocate for the education cohort.

Following conversations with peers and personal reflection, if elected I would aim to;

1. Create partnership between ACE and The University, allowing engagement with CPD opportunities ACE offers, such as trauma informed practice, child protection and training from Educational Psychologists. I have been in discussion with my employer and this is something they can discuss post lockdown. Contributing to the knowledge of future educators is something they and I feel passionate about.

2. To alleviate pressure from student reps I recommend implementing a mental health and wellbeing champion, their role would not involve holding responsibility over counselling or maintaining others health, rather highlighting services available through the university and community. Training would be necessary, to avoid financial strain this could be done alongside student reps internally. Factoring in the pandemic and consequent stress, I feel it is vital to signpost individuals to the support available.


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