Emma Quinn

Plymouth Institute of Education


My name is Emma Quinn and I’m a third-year mature student on the BEd. Primary education (SEN) course. I believe that as a future educator who is passionate about student voice that it is important to practice what you preach and be fully involved in student voice while undergoing my own studies. I have experience in the business world running stores for a well-known coffee chain and through this I have refined my interpersonal skills in a professional environment and understand the need for accountability to shareholders. Through my previous term as a course rep I really understand the value of student self-advocacy and how powerful student voice can be in effecting changes.

Promote and foster opportunities for intra- and inter- school learning opportunities to give students the richest learning experience and allow them to hone their skills at collaborative learning before entering their professions. Continue to strive for wellbeing and Mental health support, awareness and education in a profession where ever increasing numbers of educational professionals are under intense strain and pressures, enabling students to enter their chosen career paths with the skills and tools to deal with these pressures, leading to an upskilled future workforce. Seek to widen the learning opportunities for Institute of education students including peer to peer and distributed learning approaches, encouraging students to advance themselves and their peers outside of their chosen degree title. (Educators educating educators on more than just education so to speak!).

I hope to represent the passion and achievements of IOE students and to ensure that as a faculty we are represented in the wider university community.

Deputy Plymouth Institute of Education School Rep - Will Robinson

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