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Eleanor Moody

Students with Disabilities Officer

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Disability Officer Manifesto

This is me:

My name is Eleanor Moody also known as Olly.  I have recently started a Maths Foundation Degree here at Plymouth University. I have lived in Plymouth since 2019 and know the area well. Being someone with various physical and mental health conditions as well as Autism, I feel I am well placed to understand the challenges that students face when settling into a new environment. I have been in their shoes and have experienced these challenges first hand. I am passionate about making life easier for existing and future students with disabilities.

What I want to achieve:

The driving force behind me running for this role is wanting to help address issues, I have experienced, not just in university life but in the wider community. I would be looking to help those entering university life not just when they arrive, but before they start their journey to ensure they have the best start possible.

What I will strive for:

  • Be a voice for people with any disabilities.
  • Be a point of contact to answer any questions.
  • Be there to Advise and Support.
  • Provide opportunities to connect with the community.

Areas I'd like to see improvement:

  • Better maps/signage in the University to make the accessibility routes & entry points more visible.
  • Increase awareness of disability services within the University but also in the community.
  • More opportunities to settle into university life, at an earlier point, for those with disabilities.


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