Alastair Campbell

Peninsula Dental School


Hello, my name is Alastair Campbell and I am a fifth-year dental student.I am experienced in exactly this kind of role, as I was the fourth-year representative for the Refugee Crisis Foundation, a charity organisation with close links to the dental school. It is for this reason, and my experience of all five years of the course, that lead me to believe I would be an excellent choice for this position.

I believe all the dental school would benefit from a greater level of involvement between the years. Encouraging shared learning across the entirety of the course would be incredibly useful to the earlier years, and it is something senior students are very willing to provide. I will work towards encouraging lectures, study days and clinical sessions where different year groups are able to share their knowledge and support each other through the course.

I would also like to encourage more contact between the senior administrative staff and the students. Sometimes, academic, administrative, or clinical changes have been made which the students have not always understood or agreed with. As your school representative I will work towards implementing a forum where students can get answers from senior members of staff, or year representatives. This would create a channel of communication, so any problems or misunderstandings could be solved easily and directly.

I wish to bring about all these changes, so that we as students may take pride in our university and our course. Encouraging us to work together, involve each other, and bring ourselves to new heights.  

If you wish to talk to me further, please email me



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