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Cheryl Addo-Quarshie

Biomedical Sciences

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Hi, My name is Cheryl Addo-Quarshie. I am a first year Clinical Physiology student at the University of Plymouth, and I am running for the position of school representative. 

I understand that this is a new phase in our lives, as most of us are starting out on a new academic journey. The role of a student representative is one that is very crucial to the overall wellbeing of the students at this stage. 

I am a very compassionate, understanding, easy going and hardworking individual. I have held leadership roles in the past where I showed exceptional leadership qualities. I was fortunate enough to volunteer as reading assistant and I helped students attain greater academic potential whilst pushing them to believe in themselves, and the feedback from the students was always amazing. The role also required me to communicate with several teachers to relay my observations and the goals I had for the students.  

I plan, if given the opportunity, to create an enabling environment where every student’s voice would be heard and respected. I would also work towards a better relationship between the tutors and students and plan events that would help for better bonding amongst students and academic related events to improve the academic potentials of the students. 

My top priority would be to establish a reliable means of communication, by holding regular drop-in sessions for anyone who has who needs support, or anything they want raised to those higher up. 

It would be a privilege to serve this amazing department and be an advocate for positive change. This role would be maximized to the best of my abilities. 

Thank you for reading my manifesto. I am open to any questions about the ideas I have mentioned by contacting me at 


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