Janson Yuen

Biomedical Sciences


For the few weeks that I have been at university, it has struck me how little students and lecturers communicate and how long it can take for students to receive responses to emails. I’ve also noticed students staying in their own friendship groups and not communicating with others on their course. Therefore, for this coming academic year, I endeavor to improve and streamline peer to peer and student to lecturer communication. I believe my conviction in this area, my enthusiasm to improve learning conditions, and my prior experience in the Army Cadet Force as an NCO has given me the leadership and planning skills that I need for this role.  

  • Increasing social events across all years of the School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences to allow more experienced members of each respective course to interact with newer students, to provide advice and guidance outside of a classroom environment. 

  • Streamlining the process in which students can contact lecturers to have real time conversations, as a replacement for emails, which are slower and less efficient. 

  • Trying to increase the speed of which course reps are able to contact their respective course lead through “pinging”. Allowing them to notify the staff of any urgent messages. i.e. There isn’t a lecturer in a timetabled lecture. 

I feel that these measures above will improve the academic experience of the students studying in the School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences, and will allow students to feel more at ease with lecturers and ask questions they would previously not, forming a very important basis of effective communication, trust and improved learning.  

Deputy Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences School Rep - Hannah Campbell

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