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Aaron Huggett

Biological & Marine Sciences

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In the first few weeks of starting university, moving far away from home and now experiancing what university is like, this has enabled me to grow as a human being by taking the initiative to go out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and joining socities. But the most important reason why I am here is becuase of my love of the ocean, sceince and animals. When UoP offered me the chance to study ocean science and marine conservation, I did not hesitate when choosing as I want to gain the skills and the necessary experiance to help preserve everything that is good on this earth and understand the importance we play. So my reasons for standing for this post is because I want your voice to be heard and I will strive to challenge those above, to make sure that if you have any concerns throughout your time on this course, I will see to it that it is dealt with accordingly and quickly to ensure you have the best experiance while studying at the UoP.

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