Willow Moody

Biological & Marine Sciences


Hi, my name is Willow Moody and I stood for the position of Biological and Marine Sciences School Rep because I enjoy helping out, whether it’s a small odd job, or something significant. I believe that with all my experiences I can help support the school through student voice. Not only that, but I am enthusiastic to do so.

I aim to try and raise awareness of different types of learners to give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive in the university environment especially on courses where there are lots of contact hours.

I think it would be beneficial to push for some sort of system that allows for more socialising between years within a course and/or school, primarily for the younger years to ask for help or advice, whether it is course specific or about university life in general.

Thirdly, I’d like to continue the work from the previous years to try and get lectures recorded and put on the DLE for students to access out of the classroom. Sometimes missing a lecture is unavoidable, and reviewing a lecture without all the information on the slide can be difficult.

Feel free to contact me and ask any questions.

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