Cat Dodd

Art, Design & Architecture


As a 3rd Year Course Rep within Architecture I understand it often feels as though your voices may go unnoticed after student-staff meetings, and that action does not always appear to have been taken in the longer term. 

I will push for a transparent process, documenting the progression from the initial raising of the concern, to the proposed resolution. All members of the school will be able to access this, and it will be visible their concerns have been heard and what action will be taken. I believe this will permit a response to be seen consistently across the school and within programmes, and facilitate a level of accountability between staff and the student body. 

Currently individual courses have become isolated in their concerns, and I will arrange regular scheduled communication between myself and every one of the Course Reps. This improves the power of the student body through proactive collaboration, whilst ensuring that every course has their concerns heard and met equally. As student-staff meetings are infrequent, course concerns may go unaddressed for prolonged periods without satisfactory or clear resolutions. I will encourage Course Reps to contact me as-and-when problems appear in order to best support them in seeking resolutions, whilst ensuring they are prepared to assert their position on the concern and the implemented resolution come the student-staff meetings. 

This includes addressing specifics for both the individual programmes and the school: for instance, the concerns around home access to software and course delivery we all experienced. I am keen to explore whether implemented solutions were appropriate for your course, whether they will work long-term, and whether they are offering you the best from this year. 

Consistency, frequency, transparency. 

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