Will Styles

Art, Design & Architecture


Having been an Award-Winning School Rep for two years previously, I hope to bring together all that I have learnt to promote dynamism, inclusivity and transparency throughout this school. Art Design and Architecture is a very creative and engaged school across the university with a superb mix of active and aspirational individuals. We also have some of the best communities found in our multi-award-winning societies. What I have found is that my role is simply about connecting these brilliant people, groups and energies and allowing them to create something that works for them and that is my manifesto and my promise;

  • Create spaces and platforms for transparency throughout the school to increase engagement with the democratic process and the staff-student feedback process. This will be in the form of online spaces and newsletters where meeting feedback will be distributed.
  • These platforms will also be used to advertise and promote the range of events our school puts on to ensure each student gets the most out of their time here.
  • Promote interdisciplinary dialogues through at least one event to benefit students’ studies and their employability while encouraging students to push the limits of their chosen field.
  • Empower Course Reps and other students to identify and overcome course-based issues through training and regular contact.

And above all else, to be a friendly point of contact and familiar face on a daily basis throughout the school I have come to cherish. Keep up the great work, you’re fantastic!

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