Katherine Collins

Academic Officer


Hi, I’m Katherine and I’m studying Politics and International-Relations.

I’m the Academic Part-Time Officer this year and believe I can bring my passion for educational accessibility to the table.

Throughout the year, students may face a range of difficulties that impact their performance and prevent them from achieving what they want out of their assessments. Our University offers a lot of support to students in such positions but the information is difficult to find.

As the Academic Officer:

  • I will lobby the University to improve the visibility of the “fit to sit” policy.
    • Inform students about academic policy during induction week.
    • More prominent placement of support services on the DLE.
  • I will endeavour to increase cooperation between the Academic and Welfare roles.
    • Improve understanding of the impact on academic performance due to seeking support for mental health.
  • I will endeavour to run a representation awareness campaign, seeking to increase student engagement with the student voice representation system.
    • Engagement through social media to raise awareness of the benefits of representation.
    • More prominent placement of representation success stories through UPSU comms channels.
  • I will try to work within the UPSU to ensure that all students have access to acceptable standards of broadband internet and technology.
    • Poll students to gather evidence around where gaps exist within the city in the provision of quality broadband service to identify potential ways of improvement.
    • Seek to prioritise access to university resources such as library room bookings, for students who cannot otherwise access their study materials.

Thank you for reading my manifesto. Please get in touch if you’d like to ask me anything!

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