#UPSUElections - What happens when you nominate yourself?


UPSU Elections 2021 Sabbatical Roles


So what happens when you nominate yourself to run for a Sabbatical role here at UPSU? What do you have to prepare? And what do you need to know to qualify? Read on to find out...



Choose a role...

What position do you want to run for? Look at the positions available to stand in a consider if you would suit the role. See the roles




Read the elections rules...

Have a read through the UPSU elections rules and double-check if there is anything unclear. Download Rules




Write your manifesto...

Now you've chosen a role you like, you need to think about why. The manifesto is your official statement which sets out your experience, goals and the reasons why students should vote for you. For advice on writing your manifesto, have a quick read through this information sheet or speak to one of the current Sabbatical Officers or contact the Student Voice Team.




Complete the online nomination form...

Simply log in with your student email on upsu.com and then complete the online application. (make sure you've shared your university data with us to access all things UPSU)




Attend the candidate training...

All candidates must attend the candidate training, date to be confirmed and will be hosted via Zoom. It’ll be a chance for you to get to know your fellow candidates, familiarise yourself with the election rules and get some last-minute campaigning tips!




You're a candidate! What next?

Congratulations, you’re standing in the Student Elections! Get campaigning and win those votes.


T&Cs - 

To run in these elections, you must be a current Plymouth University Student and meet the criteria set out in the UPSU Elections rules.

Nominate yourself now! Suggest a Student