UK Disability History Month: 2022

Written by: Joshua Borokinni, VP Wellbeing & Diversity


As the VP Wellbeing and Diversity, it is such a great pleasure to welcome you to this year’s Disability History Month. As a students' union, we are particularly grateful to experience the intellect, diversity, and uniqueness of our differently-abled students on a daily basis. The theme of this year’s Disability History Month is Disability, Health, and Wellbeing and the overall objective is for all of us, as humans, to acknowledge, learn, and celebrate the health and wellbeing of our disabled students. This month-long celebration runs from Wednesday 16th November to Friday 16th December 2022.

Disability history month is another reminder for us to learn about the immense contributions that disabled people make and have made to society. It is also a chance for us to celebrate life with your disabled friends and families and view life from their perspective.


"Disability history month is important to me because I have found that the majority of what has held me back in the past has not actually been my disabilities but the w ay people view me for having them and the prejudice surround them.As a neurodivergent child I felt like I had no role models like me, that people like me didn't belong. Even as an adult, the way some people view my capabilities don't match my actual capabilities.Now, as an adult, even with added health problems and disabilities., I feel more hopeful because I am surrounded by people that see past all of them, to see me. We need more people like that. I don't want another child to feel as lost as I did.Disability history month is important to me because I want it to not only reach those with the doubts and fears of a future, but all those that they will come across that will judgeand restrict them just for being disabled.
We are not our limitations, we are what we can achieve despite our limitations."

 Eleanor Moody, Students with Disabilities Part-Time Officer


We have curated a list of events and other resources provided by UPSU and the University to get you involved in Disability History Month.



Sitting Volleyball (5th Dec, 6pm - 7pm):

Adapted Yoga Session (6th Dec, 7pm - 8pm)

Learn BSL (2nd Dec, 4:30pm - 5:30pm):


University Library

We put together a selection of both books and ebooks by disabled authors. They are on display on Level 1 of the main library. All books are available to borrow.

View the books available: