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Handmade vegan and eco-friendly candles at an affordable price!

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The Gypsophila Candle Company is a Devon based business manufacturing homemade, hand-poured, vegan and eco-friendly candles. From our soy wax to the adhesive used on our wick stickers, everything has been carefully produced and crafted to be kind to our environment!

A double wooden wick ensures a soothing crackling sound as well a providing a larger scent throw. Our candle recipe also includes 10% fragrance oil (as opposed to the standard 6% in other candles), this ensures an even bigger scent throw and more value for your money! Through the use of both soy wax and wooden wicks, our candles ensure a cleaner burn that's safer for pets, and also prevents soot and debris in your candle! Customers have also reported minimal smoke once a candle has been blown out, this stops that gassy smell you get after blowing out a lovely smelling candle.

For more information on what makes our candles vegan and eco-friendly, as well as updates on collections, please follow our Instagram page at @gypsophilacandleco
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