Sociology Society walk a staggering 610 miles in aid of PAPYRUS

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Throughout March, the Sociology Society (SocSoc) - both committee and members - organised a Charity Walk in aid of PAPYRUS. Each member participated remotely through their own choice or walk, hike or run and altogether they accumulated an incredible 610 miles.

The aim was to raise money for PAPYRUS to support their cause which is to prevent and destigmatise youth suicide. Read their story below:




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"We couldn't have done it without all our society members! After walking all those 610 miles, we deserve a nice little break!"

- Saffron Dunsdon, Social Media Secretary for Sociology Society


When we started creating a fundraiser to help our society-nominated charity PAPYRUS, we wanted something that would promote mental health and suicide awareness and their services as much possible but also comply with COVID regulations. A Zoom call seemed limited to us as a fundraising opportunity and a walk for Charity, similar to PAPYRUS’s own HOPEWALK, was ideal in terms of involving a team and encouraging a break from being stuck in the home and so we began organising with PAPYRUS and they were so encouraging! (even, sending us fundraising t-shirts and wristbands).

The total distance walked by the end of March came to 610 miles by all members, which we were really proud of as it had completely overtaken our initial goal of 250 miles! As this progressed throughout the month everyone involved in the walk started to donate their money and spread the word to their housemates, friends, family and social media and as a result we beat another goal. We set our expectations to raise about £250 but instead all our amazing world-wide donors raised £385!


"What a team. Huge congratulations on completing your challenge, you should all be so proud! Thank you so much for fundraising for PAPYRUS, your support means the world to us!"

- PAPYRUS on Instagram


It really was one of the biggest successes the Sociology society has had, we cannot thank our 13 participants and 29 donors enough.

With £385 donated, we have funded 77 helpline calls to PAPYRUS which has the potential to save 77 lives or more, it also will go towards Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and other educational resource packs/sessions for teachers and caregivers to implement life changing skills. 


"Young people need this support to know there is help out there when they feel nobody cares about their life. A beacon of light in the darkness."

- Jane, a donor


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