Calling all students: Help to share positivity during isolation #StayInside

We want to help you spread some positivity during these unprecedented times.

If you haven’t already, join our Plymouth Student Corona Community page here.

While we’re all stuck inside twiddling our thumbs waiting for everything to calm down, we have loved seeing the support you’re showing for each other, teaching each other skills, opening your virtual doors to talk and generally coming together as the amazing community Plymouth students really are!

We want to celebrate this and let you be the voice. Using #UPSUIsolation, we want you to share your stories, write blogs, create lessons for each other, run a quiz night, post anything you can do to help your community on the Community Page.

This is our challenge to you, not just in your societies or clubs but in any student groups, friendship groups or families.

A few ideas:

  1. Using Kahoot, you could create and run quizzes for your community.
  2. Create content about your group – Tutorials/Classes/Information.
  3. Share others content – The National Marine Aquarium are offering live feed videos on their Facebook page.
  4. Share images and videos of campus events you attended this year.
  5. Start writing your own blog or focus it around your group, club or society.
  6. Organise a virtual prayer session with others in your community.
  7. Online book clubs can recommend online reading sources and share their thoughts.
  8. Live online fitness classes are being run by many online stars for groups or organise to teach each other.

Remember to use the hashtag #UPSUIsolation and tag us in your stories and posts so we can share the amazing things you’re doing together from home.

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For more up to date information on the current Covid-19 situation from the University of Plymouth click here

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