School Virtual Friend Meets: Meet other students from your School


We know that some people have found it difficult to meet other people from their School since the start of term with social distancing and safety measures introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting from Monday 19th October we'll be hosting a series of Virtual Friend Meets via Zoom which will be an opportunity to meet other students in your School.

The events are all free, you just need to sign up for a ticket through the UPSU website (you can find the link to your School's session below). Once you've booked your ticket you'll receive an email receipt with instructions on how to join the call.

At the session you'll be split into random groups of 3 - 6 people and given a fun task to do (e.g. quiz, scavenger hunt or creative task) which you can complete together while getting to know each other.

For each session there'll be a limit of 200 tickets available, so make sure you sign up and secure your spot.



Below is a full list of all upcoming Virtual Friend Meet events:


Monday 19th October


Wednesday 21st October


Monday 26th October


Monday 2nd November


Tuesday 3rd November


Wednesday 4th November


Monday 9th November




We're also running the following sessions to give you the opportunity to meet other students, please see below:


Tuesday 10th November


Wednesday 11th November