Pole Dancing Club tells us why pole sports are becoming more popular in the days of Corona

Written by: University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club https://www.upsu.com/sports/clubs/poledancing/


This article was written by the University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club.


We are the University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club, aka UPPDC.  Our club celebrates pole dancing as a form of dance, a sport, and an incredible art form.  We learn new skills, train for competitions and showcases, learn choreography and different styles of pole.  

There are many common misconceptions about pole.  Most people when they hear of pole dancing think of strip clubs, heels, thongs and generally things of a sexual nature.  However it is really an incredible sport, that is for everyone, and takes lots of strength and grace.  It can help to build your confidence, strength, flexibility and dance skills.  Although some people dance in heels, and there are exotic pole workshops, pole is not solely that style and is not solely performed in heels.  The reason we were shorts and tops is to allow plenty of skin contact that will allow us to perform more moves and grip onto the pole properly to execute things safely.


^ Pole Club Showcase, 2019


Pole is a recognised sport and is practised all around the country and the world, it is ever-growing.  Our club puts on showcases to show our talents and skills in a dance form, there are both solo and duet/group performances.  In some cases, two or more people can be performing on one pole at a time!  We also compete, in 2020 we have competed in SWUPC which is a south-west regional competition, and the winner of that (and the other regional competitions around the country) goes on to IUPDC which is the national competition, which we achieved.  Sadly, we did not get to take part in the national competition in London due to COVID-19 but it is still an amazing achievement and showcases how widespread and valued pole dancing is.


^ Pole Club Showcase, 2019

There are lots of benefits to pole dancing, both physical and mental and that I believe is why it is growing so fast throughout the country and the world as a whole.  So many of our members have explained what a positive impact it has had on them, whether it be in terms of strength and flexibility or confidence and mental health, it is a great sport and a wonderful community.

We hope to welcome many more people to our pole family!

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