Part-Time Elections 2021: The Results

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We are pleased to announce that the following students have been elected to represent their peers for this academic year. 

Part-time Officers represent particular groups or demographics of students, they support students and make sure that their voice is heard. This could be within the Students' Union, the University or even nationally. Each Part Time Officer actively seeks student feedback and should communicate any developments back to the students they represent.

  • Alex Butters - Accountability Board Chair  
  • Robert Nutkins - Union Council Chair  
  • Al-Ameen Taiwo - Part-time International Students Officer
  • Daniella Marley - Part-time Welfare Officer
  • Will Styles  - Part-time Men’s Welfare Officer  
  • Tonari Arikekpar - Part-time Postgrad Taught Officer
  • Kenza Kadri - Part-time Students with Disabilities Officer
  • Philippa Deemer - Part-time Women’s Officer

School Reps are at the centre of the academic representation system within their respective school. They support the Course Reps and assist in progressing feedback from programme to school level. School Reps meet with their Faculty Lead and the VP Education, to progress any feedback from students to the Faculty or University through the appropriate channels.

  • Emily Schenk - Peninsula Medical School Rep  
  • Rimsha Bashir - School of Biomedical & Healthcare Science Rep   
  • Amy Bishop - School of Nursing and Midwifery Rep   
  • Lucy Metaj - School of Society and Culture Rep   
  • Medb O’Kane - Plymouth Institute of Education Rep    
  • Antonia-Roxana Vrabie - Plymouth Business School Rep    
  • Wendy Villalba Pillajo - School of Art, Design and Architecture Rep   

Full breakdown of voting numbers

We are still looking for students to fill the following roles;

  • School of Health Professions Rep
  • School of Psychology Rep
  • School of Biological and Marine Sciences Rep
  • School of Engineering, Computing and Maths Rep
  • School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Rep
  • Part-time Academic Officer
  • Part-time Environmental & Sustainability Officer
  • Part-time Sports Officer
  • Part-time Faith and Belief Officer
  • Part-time Societies Officer
  • Part-time Postgrad Research Officer
  • Part-time Mature Students Officer
  • Part-time BAME Officer
  • Part-time LGBT+ Officer
  • Accountability Board Members

For more information about these roles and how to stand for them, please contact