PARCS hold photography competition following course trip to Madrid

Written for: Plymouth Architecture Society (PARCS)


Between the 30th January - 3rd February, 2nd and 3rd year students on the BA Architecture course took a trip to Madrid with a focus on studying various architectural points of interest in the city.

The Plymouth Architecture Society (PARCS) is the student society for the School of Architecture. Their aim is to run events to widen students' knowledge, showcase their work and bring energy and a sense of community to the studio.

In conjunction to the trip, the society organised a photography competition, based around a number of categories (Facade, Cityscape, Spirit of Madrid, Structure and PARCS in shot) with a judging panel and prizes. The aim was to get interaction from the society and allow the members to have a presence on the social media, plus just plain fun allowing some healthy competition. As an addition photography is an important part of the course, so the committee felt that it added educational value too.

The competition was organised by the Secretary/Head of Social Media, and judged by them too as well as four other committee members. Runners up were awarded a piece of society merchandise and the overall winner received a main prize of £50. 


"It gives the members a point of interaction, and more back from their membership in the society"

Kamil, Secretary

"It gave more validity to the hundreds of photos I took"

Max, Participant

"It encouraged more engagement with the buildings than the study trip itself required"

Jono, Participant

The Plymouth Architecture Society host guest lectures, a great variety of socials, excursions, joint society events, sport activities, exhibitions offering students opportunity to get their work noticed in the public eye and much much more. They are an established community with a rich history and local and national recognition that welcomes anyone to join and take advantage of the wonderful things they have to offer.

Find out more about the Plymouth Architecture Society on their society page here and through social media. Facebook // Instagram

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