New Student Space In Your SU - The SU Lounge


Open now is the brand new student space in your SU, you might remember our Coffee Spot being in its own room (Costa) however now our Coffee Spot has moved to the top end of the first SU bar.

You might be wondering what has happened to the old Costa space, well let us enlighten you as to what has happened since you have been gone. 

Since you have been gone the old space has been transformed into a fantastic student-focused space available for you to come and study, socialise or just simply relax. We even have new extremely comfortable swinging egg chairs and bean bags so you can use this space in complete comfort. So whether you need a quiet place to get your assignments done or a place away from the busy bar area of your Students' Union, then the SU Lounge is the perfect space for you. 





We would like to remind all student groups, sports clubs and societies that this (along with a lot of spaces in your SU) is a bookable space available for you to use. 

For more info on how to book this space for your group find which email best applies to you below and simply enquire today:




Sports Clubs: