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My time as a Sabb - Verity Lemm - VP Activities 2019-21


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"Hi, guys, my name is Verity, I'm your current VP Activities. I've been a Sabb for two years, but I graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering in 2019 from biological sciences.

Putting myself forward in the Sabbatical Officer elections was possibly the best thing I could have ever done. Being a Sabb has made me experience so much.

Some of the highlights include being a trustee of the Students' Union, sitting on the University Board of Governors, sitting on national meetings where we make decision about sports, but genuinely just advocating for students, listening to students understanding their needs, and just trying to make a difference to make University experience all the better.

So next year, I'm actually going back to University to study nursing which was always the direction that I wanted to go in after my undergraduate biology degree. But being a Sabb not only gave me time to reflect on like who I am, but it also gave me the unique opportunity to grow and develop as a person.

The skills that you gain from being a Sabbatical Officer will stay with you for life, and they have given me a great advantage when going out into the working world. There are probably some of you that are watching this video that are amazingly suited for a Sabbatical Officer role. And I was in my final year of university, I really didn't even know what a Sabbatical Officer was. That is completely fine. Everyone is in that situation it's just worth stepping out of your comfort zone and having a chat with either myself or the Student Voice department about it. Just so you can find out some details and familiarise yourself with it."


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