My time as a Sabb - Charlotte Panchaud - VP Activities 2017-18


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"So the biggest benefit to me with this job has been the opportunity to be in so many different situations I never thought I would be able to, especially coming straight out of University.

I've had the opportunity to be on a stage in front of 1000s of people and speak, which used to terrify me and now, it's something I'm quite comfortable with. And it's just kind of put me out of my depth, but in a really safe way. So I've sort of still been in the university bubble, but able to kind of figure out who I am in like the working world, which has been really nice. It's given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and still be involved in student life, which has been fantastic and really good fun.

So another aspect of the job that's really helped me is figuring out what it is I want to do after this year finishes. And I was convinced that finance was something I wanted to go into. And I've had the amazing opportunity of sitting on our Finance and Staffing Committee and looking at budgets, looking at the HR aspects, which has been so interesting. It's also given me the opportunity to work in lots of other aspects. So I've sat on Internal Communications Committees, I've worked with External Relations within the University. And I've worked with the Digital and Comms department within the Union. And that's been really interesting as I didn't think that marketing or that creative aspect would be something that I was interested in, but it's something that I think I'd like to explore job-wise. And so it's kind of opened up my mind to other opportunities that might be out there."



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"My role as VP Activities at UPSU taught me so much and is the reason I got my current position as an Investment Consultant. I now work for the UK's number 1 investment platform in Bristol and its all down to the experience I gained on the Finance and Staffing Committee and Board of Trustees as well as the self-confidence I built from giving so many speeches and presentations!"


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