Jay Stone Photography & Video


Local Photographer and Drone Pilot - Selling an array of A3 prints, Canvases and 2021 Calendars.

  • 2021 Calendar
  • A3 Prints
  • Printed Canvas (Various Sizes)

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Photographer & Filmmaker in Plymouth specialising in Events/Festivals, Businesses and Weddings, PfCO CAA Certified Drone Pilot. From music festivals to acoustic nights, to business launches to product photography, the role of the photographer is always diverse.
With more than 10 years experience in photography as a business and many years previous to that through my studies, I have always taken huge amounts of pride in my work in every industry and business I have pleasure of working with.

If you would like anymore information or a quote/booking inquiry, please do get in touch by dropping me a direct message or email me at jaystonephotouk@gmail.com. #SupportLocal