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Introducing the SU Cube


You might have seen us talking about the brand new SU Cube, spotted it on campus and/or come across events that are going to be taking place in this all-new venue. But... what is it?

The SU Cube is a brand new event space located on top of the SU Roof, opposite the Library entrance. The space comes complete with a bar and socially distanced seating broken down and separated into eight bubbles with space for 5 people in each. 

Meeting new people, socialising with friends and achieving a work/life balance is such an important part of your experience as a student and we want to ensure that you are safely able to do so in a COVID-secure environment.

We'll be hosting a wide range of events in this space in the coming weeks, including:

  • Live DJ Sets
  • Live Music
  • Comedy Nights
  • Gaming Live on the big screens

Booking tickets and your entry fee

In order to enable social distancing inside The Cube you will need to have a ticket for any event that you intend to attend. Tickets can only be purchased for your entire bubble which is a group of five of you (including yourself).

You'll also find when you go to book tickets that there is an entry fee which works out at £3 per person. This entry fee is for the sole purpose of booking your space - because we're limited in capacity we want to be sure that anyone who books a ticket to attend the event in person will turn up (if they don't it means that someone else who wanted to come in person has missed out). When you arrive at the SU Cube for the event you will be given the equivalent of your entry fee in drinks vouchers to use at the bar.

Physical vs Online

We know that there will be many students who want to meet up in person but that there will also be many students who are concerned and would prefer or feel more comfortable taking part in Freshers' Week activities remotely either with flatmates in your bubbles or alone. We want our events to be as open and as accessible to as many of our students as possible.

For this reason, the vast majority of events taking place in the SU Cube will also be livestreamed through our UPSU Facebook page so that you can attend and participate wherever you may be. We're also running a series of virtual events which can be accessed remotely including; Virtual Friend Meets, Disco Bingo, Monday Quizzes, Lip Sync Battles and Karaoke.

For a full list of upcoming events, both physical and virtual, click here.

How it'll work if you're attending an event in the SU Cube

  • Arrive 30 mins before your event start time to the entrance of the arena on top of the SU roof
  • On arrival, tickets will be checked and drinks voucher issued
  • Bar will be open and you can order your drinks and wait in the designated area
  • You will be invited to queue in your bubble outside The Cube just before the event start time
  • Once ready, you will be seated in your pod

The safety and wellbeing of our members and of the entire community is our number one priority, you can read the statement co-signed by our SU President and the University of Plymouth Vice Chancellor here.

With safety and wellbeing in mind, we have introduced the following house rules for using the SU Cube which must be adhered to by all attendees to our events.

House rules

Please follow house rules at all time and maintain social distancing while you are within the arena, you will see clear signage and floor markings to help you to do so.

  1. Sanitise those hands on entry/exit

  2. Please wait to be seated and stay in your pod/bubble at all times

  3. Please scan the QR code on the table for Track & Trace

  4. If you want to leave, just give us a shout

  5. Please purchase drinks at the bar before entry where possible or send one person per table during the event

  6. Please respect our neighbours on the way out