Important: Student Renters and Energy Costs

Written by: UPSU Advice


You will all have seen in the news about the soaring costs of energy which will affect each and every one of us in the coming months. And that includes students, too.  

Do not think that, if your bills are included, you will be protected from the increase in energy costs – most rental agreements include a fair usage clause and, if the costs of utilities exceeds the amounts you have paid as part of your rent, then you will be hit with an excess charge at the end of the tenancy.

So be very careful if your landlord or letting agent asks you to sign a new tenancy agreement – check to see if the section about utility charges has been changed.

Seek advice before you sign it. Remember that whatever you sign, it is legally binding and your landlord or letting agent can take legal action to recover the money.


As part of your access to free, confidential and independent advice through UPSU you also have access to a free tenancy agreement checking service before you sign. Get in touch with us and our team of Advisors will read through the agreement before you sign, highlight any areas of concern and explain the terms to you.


Also, bear in mind that the £400 energy credit, which is being given to each household, is yours too. Check with your landlord/letting agents that you will be benefitting from this as you are entitled to. Contact them via email - you won't be able to rely on a telephone conversation or text message later on if you have any problems getting the money.

As always, use our checklist when you move into a new property and contact us if you have any problems so we can advise you on what steps to take: