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Important information on Summer Ball 2024 tickets: be aware of scams!

Written by: UPSU

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The Summer Ball is a nonrefundable event. However, there are no rules on Summer Ball ticket holders selling on their tickets if they can no longer attend the event.

But please be careful who you are buying tickets from. There are scammers who claim they have tickets to sell who are not in possession of a ticket and are just after your money. Please make sure you trust the individual you are buying from. 

You will need a valid ticket QR code to collect a Summer Ball wristband from the SU. If the seller claims they have already collected their wristband and is selling the wristband to you, please make sure the wristband is genuine and valid for the 2024 Summer Ball. Wristbands from previous years will not be accepted and you will not be allowed the enter the event.   


Remember, it might be a scam if...

  • it seems too good to be true; for example, if they are selling a ticket that's much cheaper than you'd expect
  • if they are asking for more money than the ticket is worth - someone you don't know contacts you unexpectedly
  • you suspect you're not dealing with a real company or person
  • you've been asked to transfer money quickly
  • if they are unwilling to show you proof of their ticket before you send them money if their messages are demanding or persistent for you to send money


If you are suspicious that it is a scam, please do not transfer any money or agree to meet someone you don’t know. Please keep yourself and your money safe.


Please do not...

  • send money to someone who can’t show you proof of purchase and a valid 2024 ticket
  • spend more money on a ticket than its worth
  • meet someone you don’t know alone
  • meet someone you don’t know in a location you are not familiar with


Keep in mind students could only purchase a maximum of 2 tickets to the Summer Ball. If someone is claiming to have more than 2 tickets to sell to you, this is likely a scam and you should not send them any money.

UPSU does not take any responsibility for Summer Ball 2024 tickets purchased through a third party other than Native.


For any questions about the Summer Ball tickets, please email:

Check out the Summer Ball 2024 webpage here for FAQs, T&Cs and more.