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iDanceFit is a dance fitness programme for your mind, body and soul! The programme is a fun and full-body workout with simple moves which is why it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

iDanceFit was created with one thing in mind. Movement for fun! Meaning, movement is about having a connection with your body that can help you to build sustainable habits around regular exercise. Our main focus is on how you feel, not what you look like and how many calories you burn, but how, most importantly you feel mentally and physically. iDanceFit is an inclusive dance and movement class that is suitable for all fitness levels by building confidence and making friends. We live by our ethos, I Fit. You Fit. We ALL Fit. 

The routines are choreographed to the best music that really gets your heart rate pumping. Each track involves movement or dance with two focused boxing style tracks at the end. And if you're really lucky, sometimes we have disco lights! Lights down tunes up! Classes are usually 45 minutes including abs at the end.

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