Holocaust day memorial room hosted in the SU


On Monday 27th January Plymouth Jsoc, led by Shira Malkin created and put on a Memorial Room, for students to read and learn about the Holocaust. Holocaust Memorial Day is to commemorate and remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, the millions of people killed under Nazi Persecution.


This was a real opportunity to honour the experiences of people affected by the Holocaust and genocide and challenge ourselves to work for a safer, better future. In the SU we created a safe space for people to reflect, and left a book was left for people to write their thoughts. This was an incredibly powerful room that allowed people from across Plymouth to come and understand and learn from the lessons of the past.


Quotes from the book that was left for reflection:


"This was something we need more of, to appreciate and reflect on what happened. Such a lovely idea thank you for sharing it with us"


"I found the exhibition interesting and informative. Many thanks for the students for their hard work in putting this exhibition together"


"thank you for the moving exhibition, great effort put into it. Very touching memorial"

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