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Had an email about a tax refund?

Written by: SU Advice

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Be very careful if you receive an email which purports to be from HMRC about a tax refund – it will be a SCAM!

HMRC will never send you an email advising you about a refund, ask for personal details or request your bank details.

The good news is that students who have earned less than the personal annual tax free threshold and who have paid tax on their 23/24 earnings should receive a refund of the tax paid.

If you think you may be due a refund, you can easily check this on HMRC’s website:

You don’t need to pay a company to help you get a refund – the HMRC online process is very easy to use.


Don’t get caught out by scammers!

If you have any concerns or questions about tax scams, please get in touch with our SU Advice team who will be happy to help:



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