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Free organic menstrual products available for University of Plymouth students

Written by: UPSU


Working in collaboration, the University of Plymouth Student Services and the UPSU Advice and SU Sabbatical Officer teams have sourced organic, sustainable menstrual products that students will now be able to access for free on campus. From Monday 8th November 2021

The menstrual products available have been sourced from Grace and Green and are chemical-free, plastic-free and vegan. Their products are also made from 100% organic cotton and have been clinically tested and labelled suitable for all skin types. 

So whether your budget has been stretched too tight* and you’re struggling to pay for menstrual products or you’ve just been caught short while out on campus – give Grace and Green a go. 

It’s important to note that we do have a finite supply of products so we’d ask that you only take what you need but you will never be asked to justify your reasons behind taking the products. 



How to access free Grace and Green sanitary products: 

• Head to The Hive (inside the Students’ Union building) or the changing rooms in the SU Gym to find a collection point 

• Speak to a member of staff in the Student Hub (based in the Library) and ask for ‘Grace and Green’ 



This is part of a 6-month trial to see if there is value and necessary demand amongst our students so we’d love to hear your feedback. 



Get in touch with us: 

  • Students’ Union – message us via the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page or by clicking here



*If you are struggling financially month to month and need support please get in touch with us either through the University Student Hub or through the Students’ Union Advice service. 


To get support from the SU Advice CentreClick here