Long Lasting Community: an Online Exhibition by 2nd year Media Arts students


Central: Long Lasting Community, is an exhibition by second year Media Arts students of the University of Plymouth.

The group has created pieces in response to the history of Plymouth's Central Park, and how it has changed throughout the years. Working collaboratively with Fotonow, Ocean Studios, Friends of Central Park Plymouth and members of the public they have produced a range of multimedia artwork, from moving image to photographs and illustrations.

Each piece captures different aspects of the park’s past, present and represents historic memories of the people who have been, used and remember the changing landscape of Central Park. The artists involved come from different backgrounds and have taken aspects of their own creative style to produce, a promotional film, magazines, newspaper articles, an interactive game, illustrations, photographs and animations.

The online exhibition is now live - view the wide variety of work, learn more about the artists and see Plymouth a whole new side to the city of Plymouth here.


"Historical postcards, this series uses historic events and people’s personal memories to influence and develop simplistic line illustrations that recreate the history of Plymouth's Central Park. Talking to those who have used the park throughout their life, who have visited in the past or, attended events that happened there. We took archive materials such as newspaper clippings, personal and public photographs as a starting point for our illustrations. Combining our two individual styles to create a joint serious of historic postcards."

Danielle Austin and Eloise Archer



"When I found out about the old zoo that used to be at Plymouth central park, I was immediately intrigued and began researching the animals that they had. After walking around the park, I continually imagined what it would look like if the animals of the zoo were allowed to roam free around the park today. I have produced a series of images where it looks like the zoo animals are living in the park, without the restraints of enclosures."

Rachel Singleton


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