You can now get free condoms from your SU Advice Centre with the C-Card scheme


In collaboration with The Eddystone Trust, your SU Advice Centre will now be offering free condoms to members of the C-Card scheme.

The C-Card scheme is open to people under the age of 25, with a card you can collect free contraception from over 60 locations in Plymouth. If you’re a member of the C-Card scheme just pop into the SU Advice Centre (with your card and University ID) where you can now pick up free condoms, including latex free condoms, lubricant and oral dams.

The SU Advice Centre is an independent, free and impartial service open to all current University of Plymouth students. We are also separate from the University and, most importantly, confidential – nothing you tell us will be shared with any other organisation or individual without your express permission under most circumstances*.

If you have any questions about the C-Card scheme or for sexual health advice and support contact the Eddystone Trust or visit their website.

How do I register for a C-Card?

If you’re interested in registering for a C-Card, you can register for free at the University Medical CentreThe Zone or the SHiP (Sexual Health in Plymouth) at Derriford.

Why do you need to see my University ID?

We are a confidential service and your privacy is very important to us. The sole reason we ask to see your University ID is to ensure that only University of Plymouth students are accessing the SU Advice Centre service.

*Exceptions to this are outlined in our confidentiality statement which you can access here.