Update: Graduation 2020


In September, I released an article ('A message to the Graduates of 2020') saying that we have not forgotten you and that we are continuing to Lobby the University for a Formal Graduation Ceremony.  

I have been lobbying the University for a formal Graduation since the initial cancellation and Virtual Graduation email in October 2020. I have done this through meetings with the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education and Student Experience, the Graduation Manager and the Academic Registrar. We have also fed back your input through reports to the University's Board of Governors, Senate and Student Life Committee.  

As you know, this has been a long road, and we would not have gotten anywhere without Graduates who have fed back, whether it was back in 2020 or our most recent survey. Your feedback meant we could go to the relevant people at the University and let them know exactly how you felt and what you wanted from a Graduation. It’s also important to acknowledge Holly Charles and Emily Ambler, who set up petitions to lobby for Graduations. 

In our most recent meetings with the Vice-Chancellor and Graduation Manager, it was confirmed that our hard work had paid off, and the University is now looking to put on a formal Graduation ceremony for graduates. However, they want your input to ensure the event they put on is what you want. Yesterday, many of you will have received an email with a link to a survey. It asks whether you want a graduation or celebration event and, if so where/when, alternatively if you only want formal photos with your robes. There is also the option to say you no longer want anything.  

If you have not received this email, it may be because you didn’t supply the university with your personal email when you graduated. If this is the case, you can find the survey here. 

To complete the survey, you will need your student ID number; most of you will have received this in the email; however, if you can’t find it, you can email the University, and they can send you a reminder.  

The survey closes on December 1st 2021. Only those who complete the survey will be able to attend the finalised event. If you don’t complete the survey, then you won’t be allowed to attend. This is to ensure that the University fully understands the number of people who want to attend.  

If you know anyone who graduated in 2020, please share this information with them as not everyone passed on their personal emails when they graduated.  


Emi Dowse - UPSU President 


Graduates of 2020 Complete this survey